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Vineyard Cares offers free programs for everyone from elementary kids to retirees! Some programs are offered through our elementary schools including Positive Action and Red Ribbon week. All our programs are evidence based or research informed to address risk and protective factors for problem behaviors. Prevention science has come a long way since the "Just Say No!" campaign and D.A.R.E. With better research about what works and, almost more importantly, what doesn't; prevention programs are teaching lifelong useable skills. 


Vineyard Cares offers a variety of events and programs to help our community learn and grow. All of our events and programs are free. Registration helps us estimate how many people plan to attend.

  • Guiding Good Choices Parenting Workshop
    Guiding Good Choices Parenting Workshop
    Classes begin in March
    Vineyard City Office Building
    Classes begin in March
    Vineyard City Office Building, 125 South Main Street, Vineyard, UT 84059, USA
    Guiding Good Choices gives families information and tools that work to protect preteens and teens from the inevitable risks they encounter as they become more independent.
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